Zalal Himalayan Dark Pink Salt – 200 gm

14.0 ر.ق

Himalayan salt can be used to replace your refined salt and it’s a fantastic , minerals and trace elements essential to the body’s health & wellbeing.

500 in stock

500 in stock

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  • PREMIUM GRADE HIMALAYAN SALT: Our Himalayan Dark Pink Salt provides the finest grade salt, without any impurities, just the way mother nature intended. Mined from the Himalayan mountains, it contains minerals and nutrients that are pristine and fundamental for good health.
  • UNBEATABLE HEALTH BENEFITS: Rich in 84 essential trace minerals, this purest form of salt on earth gets its iconic pink hue naturally. The electrolytes and minerals present in pink natural salt help promote hydration and well-being.
  • HIGH QUALITY GLASS - STEEL SALT GRINDER: The salt grinder is a modern, classy and user friendly addition to your kitchen.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE GLASS GRINDER: Just twist the knob at the top of each salt grinder to set your desired coarseness of Himalayan salt.
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